Loyola Marymount University SWE attends WE17 NATIONAL CONFERENCE IN AUSTIN, TX


As the adage goes knowledge is power, so it must be the first step to our success. We learned an immense amount of knowledge about success, leadership, empowerment, networking, budgeting, and more. Society of Women Engineers Conference, held from October 26th through 29th, offered the Loyola Marymount SWE chapter many opportunities. We attended a variety of events including Lightning Talks, keynote speakers, brunches, and hospitality suites. The career fair gave our members opportunities to interview and network with companies, and some received internship and full time offers!

We prepared for conference with elevator speech practice in addition a resume workshop. Members who attended previous SWE conferences prepared first-time attendees for the career fair and how to make an impactful first impression. Besides our professional experience, we had fun!

We loved exploring Austin! Line dancing and barbeque were favorites. We enjoyed Austin’s very own Torchy’s Tacos as well as Amy’s ice cream. Like any tourist, we had to check out the unique murals.


The attendees presented what they learned at conference last week with the rest of the chapter. The other members appreciated all the advice. We’re looking forward to our next meeting, an internship panel. Our team will utilize this knowledge to conquer the rest of the school life and our early careers. Until next year!