Cal Poly SLO SWE- Robotics Expo

Softec’s 9th Annual Robotics Expo was held at the Madonna Expo Center on Monday, September 25th, 2017. The event was an opportunity for students of all ages to get exposed to advanced robotics leagues and applications of engineering and robotics in industry. At the expo, Cal Poly SWE provided children who attended with a hands-on engineering activity to teach them about aerodynamics, problem-solving, and the concept of engineering. Each student was provided with an assortment of supplies and asked to “engineer” a parachute to safely glide to the ground. This activity resulted in many inventive solutions in which the students designed and re-designed their parachutes to best use gravity and air resistance to their advantage.


Cal Poly SLO – Week of Welcome Club Showcase

On Sunday, September 17 over twenty SWE officers volunteered to recruit new freshmen and transfer students in the 2017 Club Showcase. These officers dedicated a large portion of their Sunday to engage with and welcome new students. Participating in the Club Showcase gave SWE a chance to share how thrilled we are for the upcoming year and the new members that will join the family we have formed. It was amazing to watch the exciting energy that was transferred between new students and volunteering officers. This enthusiasm eventually led to an amazing amount of interest from freshmen and transfer students!


SWE-EETY, otherwise known as Society of Women Engineers Express Engineering to Youngsters, is an acronym that stands for exactly what it does. SWE-EETY is a program for current Cal Poly SWE members to present to their hometown high schools about STEM, women in engineering, and Cal Poly engineering. Each presentation capitalized on a final engineering challenge for the high schoolers to participate in a “learn by doing” environment. This year, the engineering challenges were: Seismic Shake, An Engineering Feat, and Make Stuff Wilder. SWE-EETY’s sponsor, Lockheed Martin, sent representatives to the presentations to give students an insight on what it is like to be a part of the STEM workforce. This year, SWE-EETY went to 5 high schools and engaged with 350 high school students. Thank you so much to all of the SWE members who made this event possible through their presentations, and thank you to Lockheed Martin for supporting and sponsoring SWE-EETY this year.


Discover Engineering and SWEets with SWE

Discover Engineering is an event for first-year and transfer students held annually at UCSB a few days before the start of the new school year. We set up a table and met a lot of promising undergrads. We also took the opportunity to hand out flyers for a social held right after the event, SWEets with SWE, so that we would have more time to spend with the all the incoming engineers. After sharing stories, addressing doubts, eating desserts, and taking pictures with our superhero cutouts, our new members left with a little more excitement and a little less nervousness regarding the new school year. This event ended up being an awesome start to the 2017-2018 year. We loved getting to know all of our new members!

CSUN SWE Volunteers at “Rally in the Valley”

Every year, CSUN hosts the Rally in the Valley, a STEM based competition, where students K-8 build and compete with an organized robot kit. Students showed their talent through display contests, presentations, and fun activities with their robots, such as Sumo wrestling adn line following. Organizations on campus take part in the event, most notably a CSUN SWE club sponsor, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). Both SWE and WISE tabled and volunteered at the event. Club members helped judge competitions, engage in conversation with students, and talked to parents about SWE and its mission.
CSUN SWE was involved with the planning of the event, as a part of a much larger committee. Involvement mainly took place on the day of the event, including the set up and maintaining of a display table.

CSUN SWE Bowling Night

CSUN SWE members took a break from midterms, and enjoyed a night of bowling on September 23, 2016. Board members organized the night out to get our newest members engaged and excited about the newly revamped chapter at CSUN. The club was most excited to see both male and females coming out to enjoy the event! The event was fairly easy to organize, with only promotion throughout the week, and the reservation of the lane the day prior. A seemingly simple night turned out to be wild fun, as SWE members had invited their friends as well as other students, and played through multiple games. We didn’t want the fun to end, which led to an impromptu karaoke night as well! While the turnout wasn’t as high as the board had hoped, we were happy to see such a fun night with our members.

CSUN SWE Speaks to Local STEM High School Students

On Octboer 5, 2016, CSUN SWE members Helen Mills, Ryan McCalman and Veronica Rico represented the club at Granada Hill Charter High school. Our chapter was invited by students in the STEM club, wanting to hear from a local univeristy (which happened to be located right next door!) They had asked us to share what CSUN has to offer in their engineering programs, including degree options, club opportunitites, and research projects. The representing members were at a variety of levels, sophormore, junior and senior, and were all able to share their experiences not only at CSUN, but local community colleges. The high school students reached out for the event, but CSUN SWEhas now developed a lasting relationship with the faculty, and look forward to being at the school again next year!