SWE SDSU Attends UCSD’s “Hidden Figures” Movie Night!

On Friday, February 3rd, SWE SDSU was invited to Clairemont Town Square to SWE UCSD’s joint social to watch “Hidden Figures.” A couple of our officers and a few of our members came out to attend this event and we absolutely loved it! It was the perfect movie for our club to watch, not only because it showed the struggle of being a minority in the workforce, but also because it was incredibly empowering and motivating for us women to keep on doing what we love no matter how many odds are stacked against us.

We all had a great time munching on popcorn, slushies, and candy while sharing this experience with our fellow classmates and SWE sisters.


SDSU at SWE Region B Conference!

unnamed (1)SDSU SWE was fortunate enough to be able to send 3 officers and 6 members to Regional Conference this year and we had a blast! San Luis Obispo was absolutely breathtaking, as was the drive up the 101!
Now that more of our members realize how beneficial and exciting SWE conferences are, there has been a peaked interest in attending the National Conference in Nashville. I was wondering if any other sections had any helpful hints on how to receive more funding for travel?
SDSU SWE receives around $1500 a year for travel expenses, and while this was enough for gas and hotel rooms for regionals at SLO, this will be minimal when allocating toward airline tickets to Nashville.
I want to encourage officers and members to attend nationals in Nashville and want to maximize SWE’s financial support through fundraisers, sponsorships, etc. Has anyone done something like this? Any input is greatly appreciated!

San Diego State – Miss Representation

unnamedFor the past month SDSU SWE’s Vice President Emily Marsden has been working on a presentation and the viewing of a moving documentary “Miss Representation” for SDSU students.
This film discusses harmful images and themes produced by the media that ultimately weaken women’s power and respect in leadership positions. The media has reduced women to visual objects and discourages, and even mocks women of intelligence. Media such as this has been prevalent for over 50 years!
By altering perceptions of ourselves and others, and by avoiding media and movies that promote the idea that women are inferior (or worse, that women only have power when they use their sexuality) we hope to eventually force the media to stop making our young girls ashamed of their bodies and eager to pursue leadership positions.
Emily Marsden worked so very hard on this presentation and was rewarded when over 200 students (men and women!) came to watch the 2 hour film and participated in discussion workshops.
SDSU SWE is extremely proud of her for her hard work and dedication to share such an important message to the students of SDSU.
It would be great to have other sections post about their officers or members and their accomplishments, either inside or outside SWE, to promote our strong women in leadership!

WISE Club Transfer Tour – San Diego State

The Bakersfield Community College WISE club took 14 STEM students, 10 of which were females, on a road trip down to SDSU to visit the campus, and more importantly, to scope out SDSU’s engineering facilities. SDSU’s Society of Women Engineers took them on a student-led tour to give them the down-to-earth student perspective of the College of Engineering. At SWE’s request, the SAE Baja Racing Team at SDSU agreed to give the WISE club a tour of the machine shop and a glimpse into the engineering world of design and fabrication. The WISE club also got a tour of the BioScience Center and shown some of the senior projects that were biology and health related.

New SDSU SWE Swag! – San Diego State

unnamedSan Diego State University SWE received and exciting shipment of SWE shirts and lapel pins! We have been saving and designing for the past semester and now we are able to disburse new shirts and pin to all registered paying members of the SDSU SWE section.

We hope that this encourages members to renew their memberships and attend more SDSU SWE events and meetings. We are considering using the pins at our meetings as a means of telling who the paying members are from the rest, and allowing all who have the pins on to get their food first (our meetings have been growing larger and larger and sometimes our food budget cannot cover more than enough food). Any thoughts on this? Has anyone done something similar?

Shout-out to a few of our 2014 Evening of Professional Development sponsors who made early bird registration and got to be promoted on our shirts!

– Megan Lacy

Spreading the Region B Conference Love – San Diego State

SWE SDSU loves attending SWE conferences and knows of its networking and leadership value. It became apparent that persistently encouraging our members to attend would not be enough to get them to go to the upcoming Region B Conference in February. So, at our December GBM, we raffled off 2 vouchers of $100.74 to members interested in attending (enough to cover registration + processing fee)!

On top of this, SDSU SWE is financially providing all transportation and hotel rooms for the conference for all SDSU SWE members attending! We can’t wait for February and hope that more of our members are encouraged to join us!

Does anyone have tips on how to get members to attend conferences and/or off-campus events?

– Megan Lacy

Gingerbread House Competition – San Diego State

gingerbread 4San Diego State University’s SWE section had a blast at our December social general body meeting building gingerbread houses! We co-hosted this meeting with SDSU Engineers Without Boarders which brought new faces and allowed our members to share experiences as well as construction ideas for their gingerbread houses!uakes to judge the structural engineering design of each gingerbread house. This meeting was a great study break and allowed lots of creativity in a team setting.

The gingerbread houses were scored based on appearance, creativity and structural durability. We staged earthq

We love our annual gingerbread competition GBM! SDSU SWE hopes to co-host one next year with another SWE section, anyone interested?

– Megan Lacygingerbread 3gingerbread 1
gingerbread 2