Team Work

My team of officers has been showing excellent cooperation thus far. I think it is because I have seen what went wrong with other Presidents from previous years and be able to avoid those mistakes this year. I don’t try to over book us in terms of event and be extra careful when midterm weeks are. I give my officers room to grow and also offer them plenty of chances to take initiatives with new events and tasks. I don’t like micromanaging people since it is tiring so I have been trying hard to not put pressure on anyone.

I think complements go a long way so please do send thank you emails or publicly recognize individuals’ work. This will give people motivation to keep going and they do deserve the spotlight for the efforts that they have put in. I also do try to enforce open communication since tension is the biggest enemy when it comes to working in a big team.


The SWE Regional Conference

Hi all, my name is Narine Cholakyan and I am the webmaster of SWE at University of California, San Diego. We are all sending warm regards to all our fellow women engineers! This quarter has been full of interesting events and exciting opportunities so far, and we have some of our biggest events coming up next month (ENVISION, Decaf, Mentor/Mentee Social, etc). One of the most anticipated events is the SWE Regional Conference coming up at the end of February in San Diego! We are really excited for the fact that it is so close to home, so we don’t want to miss the chance to attend such a great event. Moreover, what makes this even more exciting is the fact that we will be able to sponsor UCSD SWE officers and four of our most active members and a freshman student to attend the conference.
UCSD SWE has created a point system to encourage member participation, so every time members attend a specific event or help out SWE, we rewards points and sometimes surprise them with gifts 🙂 . To select the members that would be sponsored to go to the conference, we have created a scholarship application so we would give all the members the opportunity to express their interest in attending the conference despite the amount of points they have. Also, sponsoring a freshman member will give them the experience and preparation they can use for the rest of their college life whether when applying for internships or starting to network with other engineers. The application for the scholarship is now closed and now we need to go through the selection process based on the applications.
To make the most of our conference experience, we will also be holding a special event to prepare SWE officers and members who will be attending the regional conference. Preparation will include topics such as networking tips, career fair etiquette, elevator speech practice, resume review and other information that would help us benefit from all the different workshops and events at the conference.

More to come,
Have a great weekend


Winter GBM 2

UCSD SWE’s second GBM of Winter quarter 2014 was held on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. The event had about 35 attenders, which was a great turn-out despite the unpleasant weather. Subway sandwiches were served at the GBM.
Is started with an exciting ice-breaker game, in which everyone was divided into 2 groups, each was arranged into a circle. Everyone took turn to answer a funny/intricate question that was prepared by the activity chair. The purpose was to help everyone get to know each other more.
The GBM continued with a Research Talk by Professor Schmid-Schonbein, Bioengineering Department Chair.
Lastly, a bioengineering lab tour was given to students, lead by an officer who is currently working in that lab.

Developing Networking Skills with Help from Industry Reps

In the gear up to Professional Evening with Industry (PEI) at UC San Diego, PEI Prep was held to help prepare students from the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the National Society of Black Engineers for the event and improve their networking skills. The event featured a guest speaker from Qualcomm, who presented an overview on what to do and what not to do as well as an overview on formulating an effective elevator pitch. She gave us tips on what to include and even had us practice with the person sitting next to us to really make use of the advice she had just given us. Then, during the resume workshop portion of the night, we presented our elevator pitches to industry representatives from companies that included Qualcomm, Life Technologies, and SPAWAR, to receive further feedback before going over our resumes.

I felt that it was very effective to make use of the skills that we had learned right away and actually receive advice from professionals industry representatives. I learned that a good elevator pitch mentions my name, school, major, year in school, achievements, skills and special qualities and then ends with an open-ended question for the recruiter get a conversation going. After this event, I felt more confident in my networking skills and really appreciated the thorough advice that I had received. PEI Prep not only prepared me for Professional Evening with Industry, but also for all of the other networking opportunities that I will encounter later on.


In order to advertise for our general body meetings, fundraisers, and events, our board sometimes sets up a table on Library Walk during an organization fair at the beginning of the quarter or just when we feel like it. We set up the SWE banner with many of our past years’ shirts and little trinkets, such as cups, mugs, pins, etc. We usually have many stacks of flyers that we are prepared to hand out as well. These flyers are either for the GBM or about SWE and its mission in general.

In order to recruit girls, we ask the ones walking by if they are science or engineering majors. To the ones who say yes, we tell them all about SWE, what we do, what events we hold, how we network with industry and academia, and the benefits of joining (social, professional, and academic). We usually get a lot of girls to sign up for the mailing list who actually come to the next meeting in this fashion, so we will continue doing this in the future!

Professional Evening with Industry at UC San Diego

The Fifth Annual Professional Evening with Industry (PEI) was held on Friday, November 22, 2013. The Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers joined together to create this exceptional annual event, complete with dinner, a keynote speaker, and a career fair. The event aims to build a bridge between all three sectors: the student, the professional, and the community.

A total of 18 companies ranging from a variety of engineering fields attended the event along with over 200 engineering students. Speakers included a UCSD alum and the Dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering.

The funds earned from the different levels of company sponsorships (Corporate, Gold, and Silver) went towards funding members to the upcoming Sonora Regional Conference. Among the companies that sponsored the evening were Salesforce, Life Technologies, Intel, and SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric).

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UCSD Engineering Overnight Stay Program

This is the second year that SWE has helped to host the Engineering Overnight Stay Program (ESOP) for admitted students. It’s hosted by 4 diversity engineering organizations on campus. Our aim for this program is to bring in underprivileged high school students (some of them are first generation college students), to showcase all the opportunities available to them to attend UCSD.

This program occurs during UCSD’s admission day. We extend it one extra night and day and have the students stay with undergraduates on campus for 2 nights and 3 days (including admission day). We plan a slew of talks with admissions officers, financial aid, professors, and more. But we also have them experience the fun parts of UCSD; we have a fair put on by all the engineering organizations on campus and have a movie and/or dance night.

Last year was the first year it was officially put on, and it was received with such enthusiasm that this year it has doubled in size! We’ll be having 80 admitted students come onto campus to partake in this program. Last but not least, this program is completely free to them!