Finals week tips and Tricks

In honor of the coming finals in the next few weeks, what does your section do to support your members during finals week?

In my section, we get donated bagels for Einstein’s and offer students free coffee and bagels in a study room in the engineering building. We’ve also done study skills lectures/ discussions with some professors and student success advocates.

What does your section do?



To the FY16 Collegiate Leadership team!

Region Collegiate Representatives

Elaine Cope, Weber State University

Nikita Haridoss, University of California Riverside

Region Collegiate Communications Editor

Michelle Tran, Cal State Poly, San Luis Obisbo

Region Collegiate Senator

Carina Hahn, University of Utah

University of Utah Mock Interviews

DSC_0903DSC_0922University of Utah SWE, in partnership with the College of Engineering and Career Services, hosted our annual Mock Interviews event on January 28th. This was the largest interview event ever held in Career Center with 38 students, 17 interviewers, and 12 companies in attendance. The evening began with an introduction by the engineering career counselor, followed by three fifteen-minute interview sessions, and a mingling session with refreshments afterward. Every student was allowed at least one interview, and many were able to interview twice. DSC_0927We had companies from every engineering field, the public and private sector, and a combination of HR representatives and engineers.

While not in session, students attended a panel moderated by recent graduates. This panel consisted of Greater Salt Lake SWE members and graduated University of Utah collegiate members. We received a lot of positive feedback from students and companies, and we hope to host an even better Mock Interviews next year.

U of U – Girl Scout Night

DSC_1210 DSC_1257On February 20th, SWE hosted our annual Girl Scout Night with the theme of Robots Rock! We had 90 girls attend and over 50 parents.  We had 35 volunteers, including 5 from EMC, one of our corporate sponsors.

We had four activity stations: alternative energy to power robots, simple circuits, programming, and Rube Goldbergs.  Rube Goldbergs and programming were the favorite activities, and all the activities were engaging and got the girls thinking like engineers. DSC_1262We work to engage the girls fro the moment they arrive by having student groups host interactive tables themed around STEM.  A favorite is the Chemical Engineering NSF outreach team. They bring fascinating fire demos! Working with other student groups also gives them an easy way to begin their clubs’ outreach, while taking some of the burden of planning off of SWE.

Overall, the girls had a great night and we look forward to many more years of Girl Scout Night.

Fight Like a Girl! – University of Utah

DSC_0114 The University of Utah hosted a Self-Defense Social for our November general member meeting, and it was a blast!
We take attendance at our general member meetings by having everyone sign their name on a slip which gets entered into a raffle for prizes. As attendees joined they signed their names and grabbed some healthy snacks. The meeting started off with some powerpoint slides recapping Annual Conference and summarizing the fun things SWE did for fall semester. Laura, one of our members who was sponsored to go to conference, talked about one of the break-out sessions she really enjoyed and how helpful it was to her. We then told the general members about ways to get involved in SWE and how to apply for upcoming Regional Conference stipends. Raffle prizes (which were swag from annual conference) were then handed out and we started the self-defense training.DSC_0044
Steffi, who is a blackbelt and trained in self-defense started us off with some statistics and strategies in defending yourself. We then got right down to business and did some traditional warm-ups and then broke into partner groups to practice escape strategies. The training I found the most valuable was defending a ponytail hold. I often wear my hair up and this is a very vulnerable and easy-to-grab spot, so it was interesting learning how to escape that. The event lasted an hour and a half, and everyone was sweaty and smiling by the end.
I would definitely recommend an activity like this for your SWE sections, especially with new years resolutions to get fit. Engineers may not have time to both exercise and go to meetings in their schedules, so if you partner the events I think you are likely to get higher attendance.DSC_0070 Exercising also allows you to connect more meaningfully than a worn-out ice breaker activity would. The event was successful and fun enough that we have also discussed the possibility of having a zumba or yoga event in the future.
If you are considering hosting an event of this type I would recommend:

– providing healthy snacks (bananas, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc.)z
– make sure there is water nearby
– ask members to wear athletic clothing and bring water bottles
– contact your campus security or women’s resource center, they can table at the event and your members can pick up cool freebies and info
– a playlist of upbeat, fun music
– first aid kit (just in case)

Good luck and happy planning!

Tour of Autoliv R&D Facility – U of U

autoliv1 On December 2nd, University of Utah SWE students and Greater Salt Lake Professional SWE members traveled to Odgen, Utah to visit the Research and Development facility of one of our section’s Silver-Level Company Sponsors, Autoliv. Autoliv is the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, specializing in airbags, seatbelts, pedestrian protection systems, and brake controls. Twelve collegiate members and three professional members spent the afternoon learning just how important these safety features really are!

autoliv2First we toured an area where the airbags are laser-cut and hand-sewn – everything from small knee airbags below the steering wheel, to 12-foot long side curtain airbags for large vans and SUVs. Autoliv then took us through a number of demonstrations of how the airbags are actually developed and tested. We learned that newer models being developed deploy in just about 20 milliseconds, which is just a third of the amount of time it take us to blink! This demonstration had us all straining to make sure we didn’t blink and miss it! The tour was a great experience overall, and we felt so lucky to take a peek into the research of local engineers who are helping to save lives every day. We are looking forward to bringing our members more company tours like this one in the near future!

– Laura Alley, U of U

Girl Scout Night Jr: Robots Rock! – U of U SWE

DSC_9675ODSC_9800n November 7, the University of Utah SWE hosted our second annual Girl Scout Night Jr!  This year’s theme for our Girl Scout nights is Robots Rock, exploring the wonderful world of robotics and the parts that make them.  Our four activities were programming robots, making magnetic motors, create a hydraulic arm, and exploring the world of aerodynamics.

75 girls and over 25 parents and troops leaders joined us for the evening.  We started with our traditional tabling in our lobby, with 7 different groups hosting tables on everything from mining to competition robots.  Two professional engineering societies also joined us: Greater Salt Lake SWE and Greater Salt Lake IEEE.

Girls absolutely enjoyed the event.  Many of the young girls said that they were now thinking about science and engineering, even if they hadn’t thought about it before.  The adults enjoyed the night too.  They loved the education on STEM activities at home, and enjoyed their take home information, like programming websites and borax for polymers.

All in all, it was a great event.  We are excited to continue working with the Girl Scouts, and look forward to many more years of events!