FY17 RCT Nominees

Get to know our FY17 Region Collegiate Team nominees!


Region Collegiate Senator Nominee:

Britany Chamberlain


Britany Chamberlain is a first-year Master’s student studying Aerospace Engineering at Utah State University. Her primary research focus is in hybrid rocket propulsion applications for small satellites. She has been a SWE member since 2011 and has since held the positions of Section President, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Media Director. Britany is running for the position of Region B Collegiate Senator because she has held positions at the section level and is interested in advancing to region leadership in order to expand her leadership skills and become involved with SWE at a larger scale. Some of Britany’s favorite hobbies include snowboarding, camping, and attempting crafts she finds on Pinterest. She enjoys reading science fiction and high fantasy novels; her favorite series is The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist.


Region Collegiate Representative Nominee: 

Annaliese Parker


Annaliese Parker is an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Utah. Originally from the Silicon Valley in California, her passion for Engineering stemmed from her time working at her mom’s engineering company starting when she was 4 years old. Soldering at 5, testing parts at 6, and official secretary at 7, she knew that engineering was for her! Annaliese is interested in green energy, design, and systems. She joined SWE Fall of 2014 after one of her fellow friends told her about the organization. Starting with the Professional Development Committee, she planned a LinkedIn event for the students at the U. After attending an outreach event later that year, she loved what they were trying to accomplish and joined their committee! Currently she is serving on the outreach committee helping to incorporate electrical engineering events when possible. Living in Utah allows Annaliese to pursue her hobbies of skiing, climbing, biking and traveling. Not to mention the weather is great!

Annaliese wants to make a difference in SWE and represent the voices of the collegiates to the Region Council. As a level-headed and fair individual, she knows she can represent the needs and opinions of the sections to the region regardless of her own opinion. As a representative of a region it’s really important to listen to what everyone has to say and make sure the right people hear that information. As an RCR, she hopes to represent the opinion of all of the sections and grow the region closer together.

Annaliese joined SWE during Fall of 2014 semester by attending professional development committee meetings. After attending leadership meetings, she was appointed the Electrical Engineering Representative. Attending the meetings gave her an opportunity to find out about other events and participate in them. Eventually she moved over to outreach where she is now. She loves helping out with events getting younger girls into engineering. Not every girl has a mom or woman in her life that is a strong STEM role model, and it feels good to help give those girls a chance to see what STEM is like. Prior to attending the University of Utah, she was the National Venturing President representing 230,000 people all across the nation to the National Executive Board and various other national committees in the Boy Scouts of America. She has the experience necessary to hold conference calls, speak publicly to the sections and other audiences, and to overcome the challenges that may arise.

Selina Valladolid

Selina Valladolid is a current Astrophysics major at University of California, San Diego and loves all things to do with books, travel, and the beach. She is applying to be a Regional Collegiate Representative because she loves the relationship that the RCR has with the collegiate sections. She has had an executive position in her section since her freshman year and is currently president. She has learned a lot over the past few years and her section has had some great accomplishments, so she really hopes that she can share some of her knowledge with the rest of Region B.