Cal Poly SWE: SLO Library Visit


On February 3rd, Cal Poly SLO SWE volunteers headed to SLO Library to host an activity for children in the community. The volunteers engaged the children in an activity called Oil Spill. In this activity, the children learned about how oil spills affect the environment by creating a small-scale version of an ocean with olive oil in it and trying to use different materials to try and clean the oil spilled in the water. We look forward to visiting the SLO Library again soon!


CSULB SWE Recruits! And other upcoming events…


And the Spring 2018 semester begins! CSULB SWE officers worked several shifts over two days during CSULB’s Week of Welcome to showcase our club and recruit new members. We had an incredible time discussing what we do and informing potential members about our upcoming events. Here at CSULB SWE, we have a busy schedule over the next two months; we will be holding Evening with Industry, collaborating with other clubs for an International Women’s Day panel, and hosting our annual Engineering Week Pageant (where College of Engineering students battle it out for the coveted title of Mr. and Mrs. Engineer). Our first meeting on Wednesday, February 7 will be a student internship and research panel. Our more experienced members will discuss how they obtained their internship and research positions, and explain how they navigate their respective workplaces. Our Instagram has also been revived this semester: follow along with our journey @csulb_swe. We can’t wait for a successful semester!


Long Beach Girl Scouts visit CSULB SWE!


CSULB SWE welcomed eleven middle-school aged girl scouts from a local Long Beach troop to campus introduce them to the principles of computer science. Our President, who is majoring in computer science, led the girls in an hour and a half long coding workshop.


She asked the girls what engineering and computer science meant to them and went on to explain the background of computer science and its many applications across several disciplines. The girl scouts then got some hands-on experience in programming through Disney’s Hour of Code. The girls learned some basic coding logic, by providing instructions in a simplified command window, so that Disney princess Moana could achieve certain tasks. This event got the girls really excited about what they could do with computer science, and many asked if there were other similar programs they could test their skills in.


Cal Poly SLO: Girl Scout Nipomo Competition


Girl Scout Troop #53013’s Robotics Team attended their first VEX IQ Tournament this past Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Nipomo High School. After building and programming their robot at troop meetings and at the Girl Scout Robotics Build Day at Cal Poly, the team will compete with 38 other new VEX IQ teams from the central coast area. Cal Poly SLO Society of Women Engineers officers volunteered to attend this competition with the Girl Scouts and mentored the girls through their competition matches, strategies, and engineering challenges.

The Girl Scout Robotics team accomplished working as a team, strategizing, speaking with judges about their engineering experiences, learning more about robotics, and having fun throughout the competition. The team was able to score 20 points themselves in their matches by using their robot’s claw to release a latching mechanism containing 15 scoring objects onto the field. Their excitement with driving the robot they built and their encouragement and support of other teams was truly inspiring! Just as the Girl Scout’s custom t-shirts said, I think each of the girls who competed Saturday would agree that “Robots Rule!”

Cal Poly SLO SWE: Girl Scout Build Day


The Lompoc Girl Scout Robotics Build Day was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to learn about engineering concepts and build a VEX IQ robot on January 14, 2018! The Girl Scout Troop 50313 will be attending a VEX IQ Tournament on February 10, 2018 at Nipomo High School where they will compete against 30+ other new VEX IQ teams from the central coast area. Cal Poly SLO Society of Women Engineers officers volunteered to assist Girl Scouts of ages 8-14 in brainstorming, designing, and building their competition robot and encouraging the young girls to follow their engineering and technology passions.

Girl Scouts learned about the engineering concepts of friction, center of mass, speed, and torque prior to brainstorming ideas for a robot base, lift, and claw mechanism. The girls then added to their engineering notebook and began building and testing their robot designs. The event gave the Girl Scouts the opportunity to connect with current Cal Poly Engineering students and pursue their expressed interests in Robotics Engineering.

SWEeter Together: Cal Poly SLO SWE Big/Little Fall Social

On Thursday, November 16, SWE hosted SWEeter Together, a fall social for Bigs and Littles dedicated to acknowledge the things one is thankful for. Attendees were greeted with food, holiday music, games, and drinks. Activities held throughout the event included leaves that were designed to allow members to write down what they were thankful for. Leaves collected are now displayed in the club office and serve to remind us the diversity of things we are all appreciative of. New members of SWE are now able to see what great members the Cal Poly section has.

UCLA SWE Events with Intel

The Intel infosession was hosted on October 4th in Boelter Penthouse, and was attended by undergraduate and graduate students alike. Their Campus Relations Manager, Jeff Dunn, started the event by introducing a diverse panel of Intel employees representing all their offices and fields of work that were hiring at the time. Each panelist gave a brief overview of their profession/daily work, their journey through Intel, and their thoughts on what that department’s hiring managers were looking for (plus sometimes what a successful applicant would look like). After this, questions were fielded from the audience and the panelists took turns providing more specific details about corporate culture and hiring practices. The event ended with the panelists spreading throughout the room and meeting audience members one-on-one, accepting resumes and answering whatever questions remained.

The Lunch with Intel, a follow-up event to their infosession, was hosted on October 5th in the Tesla Room in Engineering IV. The lunch was attended mainly by graduate students and members of IEEE WATT, who were treated to both Chik-fil-a catering and a mini resume workshop. The presentation covered many dos and don’ts when crafting a resume, some general and some specific to Intel and the tech industry at large. After the workshop, the Intel representatives (who had been panelists at the infosession the night before) met with the audience one-on-one to answer additional questions and accept resumes for roughly an hour.