RCR Posts

Several times a year, our two RCRs will write posts discussing important events, deadlines, or best practices. Below are links to the latest posts made by the RCRs.

President’s Corner

Your Section Status
Did HQ get your annual and financial reports you turned in 4 months ago? Does the current RCRs have your new SWE counselor? This document will solve all your problems. If anything is outdated on this list, email the RCRs because this is our most updated spread sheet.

Here are a list of ALL the reports templates and instructions how and when to fill them out.

WE10 Conference Important Dates
Do you know when the mandatory WE10 meetings? We have it all listed out for you in the link above!

WE10 Leadership Best Practices
This is a list of best practices fielded during the leadership meeting for Region B held at WE10.

Sonora Awards 2011
This is a document covering the awards offered and how to apply for them.

Past Emails
Missed a conference call or email? Can’t find those darn minutes in your inbox? We consolidated all of them here!
08/29/2010 Conference Call #1 Minutes
09/06/2010 Conference Call #2 Minutes
10/10/2010 Conference Call #3 Agenda
10/10/2010 Conference Call #3 Minutes
12/26/2010 Conference Call #4 Agenda
02/13/2011 Conference Call #5 Minutes
02/13/2011 Conference Call #5 Agenda

09/17/2010 President’s Greeting (This was the first email sent out the presidents. It includes a small bio about Jasmine and Cynthia, Region B’s RCRs.)
10/29/2010 – Bylaws + Website Update
10/01/2010 – Is your SWE Email Signature Correct?!
10/04/2010 Are you in Good Standing?

FY11 Region B Conference: Palm Springs
Region Collegiate Team Presentation


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